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Welcome to Pangea's Guestbook!! Due to recurring spam, no new entries may be added. Try using the Contact form to provide feedback instead. Thank you for visiting!

Name: Becky
City: San Francisco
Impressed?: Yes!
Thoughts of Simon:: ....

What? What's the difference between "comments" and "my message"? Oh... Maybe I'm retarded. Oh well!

Name: John
Thoughts of Simon:: nomis
Impressed?: i wasn't impressed when there was a Gator popup...

Why do hotdogs come in packages of 10 while buns come in packages of 8? because you have to work with what you have...if you don't like it you can always eat a hotdog..

u see...5 colors and 12 months ..a color scheme...5x12 is 60!! shit...60!!!

Name: wonganan
Thoughts of Simon::

_ Kyahaha... I'm really bored, you could tell... I should be studying for a DBQ, but I checked my E-mail, found your reply, followed the link to your site, clicked the link, and here I am!

Name: John
City: San Francisco Open Your Golden Gate...
Thoughts of Simon:: I would never do what hey says..
Impressed?: Not pressed but definitely in..

pangea lives on?? ON TO 3.0 !!!! WOWZERS!!!
3.0...wow so advanced...

pangea 3.0
3 times the 0 of greatness?

Name: Becky
City: San Francisco
Thoughts of Simon:: Jerk - i hate you i hate you i hate you!!! you're a stupid pig!
Impressed?: Very

Love what you've done... I need not add that you keep up the good work - I know you will. This is a beautiful site representing nasty truths... Good luck with your broken pieces.

Name: Mandy
City: San Francisco
What do you think of Simon as a person?:
Are you impressed with Pangea?: Sure

Wow! It only took 30 seconds to load. I really like the tabs. I feel like I'm checking my e-mail (Hey man, that's always fun!) The guestbook is now green. Later!

Name: Regina Chien
City: San Francisco

hi simon and all the assitant managers
its rather interesting to read all these simon's sayings
well, it is rare to find someone who is truthful about all their opinions and willing to publicize them for everyone to see.
sometimes the tone you use in your writings are very didactic in tone.but they are your opinions and i chose to read what you have to say
its interesting to read what your thinking so i will write another message when i read another entry
good luck with your site!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: sakuraptls
City: frisco

yo simon! hey great site....where'did u find the time to put this together. i aven't really checked out the site yet but i promise i will. well ttyl in skool...if u noe who tis is welps l8tas and keep up the work

Name: Cupid
City: Olympus

darned guess book! i didn't even remember where to find the darn thing! i finally get here... and there are ONLY 5 messages here to greet me! what is with that?! argh! just kidding.. heh... the site has improved... ha ha ha. you have more active members... or... HAD... ha ha... YEAH... keep up the good work..

Name: Terry T
City: 415

We've met at becki's house before.
Good site, but able to improve.
By chance, we'll meet again.

Name: becky
City: sf

this site is so cool. it's THE best site i've ever been to!

Name: Leona
City: San Francisco

Hi! Heheh... this is a pretty cool guestbook. It's so nice and YELLOW! Sad that nobody comes here...

Name: Ben
City: San Francisco

Kudos to Simon! This is a neat guestbook! Also, keep up the good work on the site! This is very corny, I know.

Number of entries: 13
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