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Pangea = Community ... no more

Traditionally, Pangea has always represented a communal bond between people - a generic social clique, if you will. Unfortunately, Pangea's success as a website was threatened by the lack of community involvement, so gatherings and membership have now been given a backseat to my more focused works. However, you are welcome to explore the archived records listed below for a glimpse into a time when the Pangea community was thriving.

Bulletin Board Archives

A bulletin board used to be the backbone of the Pangea community. Years of posting are not lost! Here are a few archived threads for your enjoyment:

Chat Room Archives

Pangea had a chat room before, but it was not used often enough to be a defining member feature. Here are two scripts from past public chats held on Pangea for public viewing: [#1 was lost long ago.]

Other Historical Archives

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