Why Skilift Optimizer 2009

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  • Intuitive Excel-based interface walks you through the process painlessly
  • Friendly interface to input information about your slopes
  • Easily compare statistics from multiple simulation runs, at a glance
  • Instantly produce statistics on the health of your ski resort
  • Get results in less than 10 clicks!

Misson Statement

Currently, many ski resorts around the world operate below their maximum efficiency. One of the ways we can help optimize their operation is through the modeling of their ski lift systems, where there are large costs that are incurred with inefficient operation practices.

The Skilift Optimizer 2009 is a highly flexible and scalable computer-simulated model that can be fit to a wide variety of ski resorts around the country. For example, it could be used to run a simulation of the highly complex Mt. Bachelor ski resort, whose resort network is shown below:

If Mt. Bachelor were to consider modifying the structure of their resort (i.e. add lifts, shut down lifts earlier in the day, change lift capacities, etc.), the Skilift Optimizer 2009 could simulate the impact that such actions would have on skilift traffic and congestion. By revealing the true trouble spots on the resort, Skilift Optimizer 2009 helps resort owners make more informed decisions and realize potentially large cost savings.


Skilift Optimizer 2009 is the complete, easy-to-use simulation system designed to help you get the most out of your ski resort. On this site, you will find details on our underlying model, information on the creators, a helpful guide to its use, why you should consider the Optimizer, and ways to try it for yourself.