How To Use

Our simulation software is designed to be easy to use even for those who have never run simulations before. See how easy it is to optimize your ski resort!


You can click on any image in this walkthrough to enlarge it.

As you open the product's Excel interface (e.g. Ski.xls which can be downloaded as part of our demo package), you will see a bear skiing across the screen. This is a sign that you successfully have opened the simulation spreadsheet for Skilift Optimizer 2009.

Fill in the information about Arrivals and departures for your experiment in the designated white boxes. To fill in information about your resort, simply click on the bear saying Resort Input. This leads you to the next page, Trailhead probabilities.

Fill in the probabilities as explained on the form and as described in the Needed Data section. Click on Next to continue.

Fill in the delays in minutes in the green squares, as explained on the form and as described in the Needed Data section. The green squares correspond to which probabilities you filled out in the probability matrix on the previous sheet. Press the Next button to continue.

Fill in the data for the lifts in the resorts as explained on the form and as described in the Needed Data section. Press the Finish button to go back to the main sheet.

When you have filled in all the information about your resort and the expected arrivals and departure information, you are ready to simulate. Simply press the bear saying Run Simulation. As the Bear skies across your screen, 4 independent simulations will be running. The program will only let you run the simulation if all of the resort input is filled in. If you do not have a professional SIGMA license then you will need to help SIGMA discover integer values to finish the simulation, as instructed on the screen.

After the simulations finish, the data will be loaded into the Excel sheet. A browser will pop up to move between the various graphs. Click on the buttons to move between the graphs.

The plot show the data for the 4 independent runs. The box below the plot show give a 95% Confidence Interval of how many people visited the resort throughout the day.

To investigate the queues for each lift, simply press the wanted Lift Queue button. Only queues for the lifts you gave info about on the Resort Info sheet will show up.

The Plot show how the line for Lift 1 varied throughout the day, for each of the 4 runs. The box below the plot give a 95% Confidence Interval for the waiting time of each person in the queue.

To go back to the main sheet, press Exit. This leads you back to the main sheet were you can adjust your information and make new simulations.

Soon, your ski resort will be running more efficiently than ever!


Skilift Optimizer 2009 is the complete, easy-to-use simulation system designed to help you get the most out of your ski resort. On this site, you will find details on our underlying model, information on the creators, a helpful guide to its use, why you should consider the Optimizer, and ways to try it for yourself.