About Us

The people behind Skilift Optimizer 2009:

  • John Baumler - IEOR
  • Hedda Giaever - Business Administration / IEOR
  • Karey Park - IEOR
  • Simon Tan - EECS / IEOR minor
  • Justin Yang - ORMS

John is an IEOR major with experience in Visual Basic and Java. His responsibilities include making the SKILIFT OPTIMIZER 2009 intuitive and easy to use.

Hedda is an exchange student from Sweden enrolled in the IEOR department. She has a master in business administration that will come in handy when estimating costs and profits of improving our system.

Karey is an IEOR major who loves the slopes and has been skiing and snowboarding since he was twelve years old.

Simon is a software engineer with experience in web design and web programming. His skills aid the group when it comes time to modify low-level C code, or when a web presence needs to be built. His responsibilities include making a case for the need of SKILIFT OPTIMIZER 2009, ensuring that it is programmatically error-free, and helping to present it in a professional and accessible manner.

Justin is an ORMS major with experience in programming Java and CSS. He will be responsible for keeping the SKILIFT OPTIMIZER 2009 project accurate and robust.

Together, we are the people behind the SKILIFT OPTIMIZER 2009. Our mission is to help ski resorts around the world operate more efficiently, while making our product as easy to customize as possible.


Skilift Optimizer 2009 is the complete, easy-to-use simulation system designed to help you get the most out of your ski resort. On this site, you will find details on our underlying model, information on the creators, a helpful guide to its use, why you should consider the Optimizer, and ways to try it for yourself.