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Introductory Message:

Welcome to the *official* AP United States History ID Cards website... for Ms. Wold's classes, anyway.

As you should know (why else would you be here?), Ms. Wold assigns her AP students a list of terms for every chapter she covers [which is every single chapter in the APUSH book, American Pageant]. Her students are expected to identify each term, and explain its significance, on standard size index cards that are collected at random. Identify terms correctly and give meaningful significance, and you earn yourself a '+' in Ms. Wold's gradebook. These are weighed in with other factors (i.e. test scores) to make up your report card grade.

The ID cards are not only important for your grade - they are a valuable study tool that will enhance your knowledge of United States history if used correctly. Do them all with quality and punctuality, and you will definitely have more expertise of a chapter than someone else who has not. Copying cards is wrong, writing "BS" is wrong, and not reading notes or the textbook before writing a card is wrong. If you really want to learn U.S. history, if you really want to do well on Ms. Wold's tests or the big AP test, if you have any academic worth whatsoever... it behooves you to do these cards right.

This website will help you by giving you a quick reference to the many ID terms Ms. Wold will be assigning you. Come here whenever you've been absent on a day when she gives them; come here whenever you forget your corrective lenses on a day when she uses the overhead; come here whenever you are confused about the spelling/capitalization of a term; come here whenever you want to get ahead with the ID cards.

Here you'll find all of Ms. Wold's terms, organized by chapter. You'll find them in exactly the same order and number that she gives them to you in class [unless she adds/subtracts one or two on a whim]. Unfortunately, you will not find page numbers where you can locate the terms (although the owner of this website has them on-hand). Such a feature would tempt some of the more languid students to try for a faster way to get the cards done.

Please be aware that not all terms can be found in the book. Some are out of Ms. Wold's lecture (a good reason to listen to her lectures), and some are just implied by the book. Nevertheless, they are all identifiable and subject to collection at random (and random is random - despite what many believe to be a pattern in Ms. Wold's choosing...), and thus worth doing.

All said, the management hopes that this website will help in you, the student, in your extremely important assignment of creating ID cards. Use this website to your advantage, and spread the word! [How do we know how important the ID cards are? Click "About this Site" on the left menu to find out!]

Good luck and stick with it! Best wishes on your journey through the American Pageant!

~Website Management