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This site was originally conceived by Arthur Shi, Lowell High School Class of 2003, during his time in Advanced Placement U.S. History. Wanting to do something good for his class and those to come, he graciously posted all of Ms. Wold's ID terms online for all to reference to. Being a junior and all, he didn't have much time to maintain the site but kept it tidy enough to be usable. You can see his original site by clicking "Go to Old Site" on the menu to the left.

The AP test came and went, but I do not have permission to divulge his score. Arthur went on to do great things as a senior, becoming an expert in his AP Physics and Calculus BC classes. U.S. History had all but been forgotten, but the site still stood.

June came around, and like 98% of Lowell students, he got into college [Cal Poly] and graduated on stage with the rest of his class in a ceremony at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium not soon to be forgotten. That summer, while waiting for the vigors of college to arrive, he decided to volunteer at the widely acclaimed Stern Grove Festival in San Francisco. Amidst performances by symphonies, jazz groups, ballets, and theatres, he ran into a young man named Simon Tan.

Ironically, Simon Tan had just come out of his junior year and had just passed his APUSH exam while under the training of Ms. Wold. Even more ironically, Simon had been using Arthur's website that entire year without even knowing who created it. To add more irony to the mix, Simon had been in Arthur's AP Physics class that year, and even asked him for assistance on some of the more difficult physics problems. [We all know how utterly impossible those can be!]

Finally, after more than a month of getting to know Arthur, Simon made the connection. He finally realized that this was the man behind that all-too-useful website! Wondering about the website's future, Simon asked Arthur if he could take over now that Arthur was leaving for college and bigger things. Having utterly forgotten about APUSH4 in his mental dustbin, Arthur agreed that it was a good idea, and passed ownership to Simon.

Simon, overjoyed that he had acquired new web property for his Pangea Network of sites, declared that he would rebuild the APUSH4 site for Arthur, making it easier to use and more useful to those students who would depend on it for years to come. And so, APUSH4 was reborn into the state you see it in today. (This happens to be the 4th rewrite of the site, by the way.)

In the far future, when Simon eventually must get a day job, he will probably pass this site down to another aspiring junior web designer - and thus continue the tradition that is APUSH4.

Arthur Shi - original creator of APUSH4!
Arthur Shi Simon Tan


The current owner of the APUSH4 website is Simon Tan. How to contact him?
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