First Deployment!

Woohoo! We’re deployed to Sybak, the University Town!

Although it is not exactly what I expected. It seems that there are differences between GWT hosted mode and GWT web mode, even though we all worked on this project expecting our hosted mode being a WYSIWYG version of the web mode. I guess this is why they still call GWT a “beta”? Anyway, we’ll need to take some time to figure out the nuances (with Firebug, perhaps) before we start spreading the word too widely.

I hope that the DNS propagation of works for you now. Comments?

Midterm Demo Complete

Today, Han and I presented our midterm demo. It was quite convenient that we tagged a working copy of our code on Sunday, because we actually did in fact revert to it in the late hours last night. Smart thinking, Max. (And curse the open-source Autocomplete for being so buggy.)

The demo went off quite well, with no one even standing up to tell us we were over time. Demo was smooth; that was thanks to CS 169 teaching us how to do demos effectively. Thanks to Han for putting so many features into the map modification mode, as I think that was what everyone was most impressed with. I heard a lot of praise for CalMap in the aftermath.

Now we will be reverting to our trunk revision, and continuing development. I’m also going to try to make a first deployment on this domain. Here are the instructions I’ll be following (of course, they’re by IBM). Ah, but I have a CS 162 project due on Friday…

Hello, world! is now online, and CalMap will arrive on the scene shortly. More details as it develops!

Why Sybak?

In the critically acclaimed GameCube game Tales of Symphonia from Namco, Sybak is the name of the “university town” in the flourishing world of Tethe’alla. More details available here. Hey, just letting you know.

I wanted to show what Sybak looked like, but screenshots of this small town are nearly impossible to find. Here’s a shot of a betrayal event that happens within Sybak: