Talking Past Each Other 1: Guns

This is the first in a (hopefully) series of posts called “Talking Past Each Other” – where I attempt to distill both sides of a political argument to make it easier to empathise with people you disagree with. For more background, see this introduction.

Yet another mass shooting happened in Las Vegas recently. And as the (sadly) predictable cycle of news + talking points + vehement disagreement played out on social media, the discourse disturbed me more than usual. We’ve been through this dozens of times and have been talking about gun legislation in the U.S. for literally decades now with no real change in policy. It’s almost as if the two sides of the debate have become ever more entrenched with each major shooting occurrence… What is going on?!

Here’s my take on the dialogue that’s happening, with translations to uncover some of the real intentions/emotions behind what people are saying.

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Talking Past Each Other: Intro

Ever since I came back to the United States from abroad and witnessed the most divisive presidential election of my lifetime in 2016, I have noticed myself paying a lot more attention to politics than I used to. I became more “woke” (as the teens say nowadays). It’s certainly not the healthiest habit to pick up (as I find myself constantly aggravated by my news feeds), but I think I’m learning a lot – and an informed citizenry is something this country needs right now.

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