Do Ikigai Right

If you’ve been on the Internet anytime in the last few months or so, you likely have seen this image floating around: It is essentially the latest attempt to answer humanity’s perennial question: What is the meaning of life? What’s my purpose?

Life & Work

Sometimes in the course of life, one must re-evaluate the things that are important to them. Not in a “mid-life crisis” kind of a way; rather, the exercise is necessary just to get reminded of values and attempt to measure just how satisfactory life is at the time. I’m about to hit the two-year anniversary…

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Hello, world! is now online, and CalMap will arrive on the scene shortly. More details as it develops! Why Sybak? In the critically acclaimed GameCube game Tales of Symphonia from Namco, Sybak is the name of the “university town” in the flourishing world of Tethe’alla. More details available here. Hey, just letting you know. I wanted to show what Sybak looked like, but screenshots of this small town are nearly impossible to find. Here’s a shot of a betrayal event that happens within…

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