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Simon Tan has been a product manager at Atlassian, working to deliver next generation mobile experiences for collaborative teams.

Prior to working at Atlassian, Simon was a Product Manager at Box, working to deliver enterprise-grade mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms.

Prior to working at Box, Simon was a Program Manager in the Azure Application Platform Team at Microsoft, designing web development tools that can be found in the latest releases of Visual Studio and Microsoft WebMatrix.

Simon earned these long-winded degrees from the University of California, Berkeley:

Simon was affiliated with the following on-campus organizations:

Simon completed his final degree in May 2009 with the writing of this Masters thesis.


Résumé screenshot
My Résumé
A user-friendly résumé? I try.

Blog screenshot
Sybak Blog
The Blog of CalMap and More


Collaborative Games screenshot
Collaborative Games on Mobile Phones
An exploration into creating and testing a game with children in rural India
Highlighting use of: J2ME

Illuminac screenshot
Illuminac Lighting w/Voice
Array lighting control with speech
Highlighting use of: XHTML+Voice

Hesperian screenshot
Hesperian Foundation Digital Library
The world's first universally-accessible digital library of healthcare for developing regions
Highlighting use of: Ruby on Rails


Physical Battleship screenshot
Physical Battleship
The classic strategy game turned into an embodied experience
Highlighting use of: Adobe Flex Builder

Palette Assistant screenshot
Nominal Color Encoding Generator
A color palette generator that considers sound color use guidelines
Highlighting use of: Simulated Annealing

Map of the Internet screenshot
Map of the Internet
An interactive visualization of the space of IPv4 addresses
Highlighting use of: Flare Toolkit

CalMap screenshot
The UC Berkeley Mapping Solution, a Google Maps project for the campus
Highlighting use of: Google Web Toolkit

Skilift Optimizer 2009 screenshot
Skilift Optimizer 2009
The latest innovation in skilift resort optimization
Highlighting use of: Agile Development


APUSH4 screenshot
Ms. Wold's AP US History class loves flashcards

Rubiks Cube screenshot
Rubik's Cube Primer
Helping out a Rubik's Cube DeCal

Humans, being essentially good, deserve good interfaces to their systems.