Don't mind the debug messages

Rolled out another version, this time with improvements mostly provided by the other members of the CalMap team. I have been looking to start using a MySQL backend instead of flat text files for our data. This is why you’ll see that one of the “Locations” in the autocomplete textbox is “SUCCESSFUL MYSQL!” — it is because the app just made a successful connection with one of the databases on Yeah, it wasn’t the most glamorous place to put a debug message, and it will be removed with subsequent rollouts.

For those seeing these entries as Facebook “notes”, I suggest hopping on over to for the real thing. Maybe subscribe to us, leave a comment, you know. Looking forward to delivering more releases within the next week, as the time to Cal Day (our big demo day) is quickly running out.

Firefox Users Be Happy

So, got CalMap working for all those Firefox users out there. You should feel lucky, because I don’t like your browser. =P Just kidding; I’m very into cross-browser compatibility and wouldn’t dream of releasing this product without support for you.

Also, I should be the one thanking you. Without Firefox, there wouldn’t be Firebug. Without Firebug, I wouldn’t have seen the JavaScript error that led me to this forum thread on the Google Web Toolkit Group:

Basically, we can’t do something like TextBox.selectAll() if the text box is empty. Firefox chokes up and decides to not even show our top level Panel. Please try the app again with your browser of choice. And leave us some comments – please.

First Deployment Issues Fixed

Well, that was a harrowing few days. I was so worried that CalMap wouldn’t be usable by our midterm, but it looks like the great guys at InterAdvantage (our webhost) came through and solved the permissions problem. The routing service works great, and even the autocomplete is fun to look at (I imagine it is still buggy, though). For now, at the very least, you can input two or more locations into the box and you will get your route plotted. Let us know how it works for you!

I apologize to all the Mozilla-lovers out there, because for some reason, the app is not Gecko-compatible. (No Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape, etc.) I don’t know why this is, because the Google Web Toolkit was supposed to take care of these cross-browser incompatibilities for us, but as it stands now you can try using Internet Explorer. Alternatively, you can use the Opera Web Browser, which works perfectly with it. (Ironic, because I myself use Opera exclusively.) Please don’t think this is some kind of conspiracy or something; it’s just a coincidence that it works best with my favorite browser. *Don’t shoot me, Firefox fanatics…*