WebMatrix 2 Beta released

In case you haven’t noticed, Microsoft just released a Beta version of the next iteration of WebMatrix – this public Beta is a preview of all the goodness that is going to be polished and released with WebMatrix 2.

Download WebMatrix 2 Beta today!

If you want to learn more about the new features added since WebMatrix 1, check out this page. And if you have more feature requests, try out theĀ new suggestion system on UserVoice.

Personally, I am most excited about the addition of IntelliSense (code completion) for all major languages and the new Dynamic Help feature that shows contextually helpful links. What new features will you discover?

WebMatrix Updated

A WebMatrix update was released today – it is now at version 1.1. You can get it at any of these URLs:


…or by running Web Platform Installer (if you already have it installed) and installing WebMatrix again.

This version adds support for automatic update notifications, the Customer Experience Improvement program (user instrumentation so we have better stats about WebMatrix usage) and file encoding support. It also fixes a handful of bugs reported by our great users on our Microsoft Connect site.

Hope you enjoy it!

File Encoding in WebMatrix

If you’re from a part of the world that’s not the United States, you may have noticed some buggy behavior in the first release of WebMatrix with regards to text inside files. You may have opened some of your files to find that they did not display correctly inside WebMatrix, or you might have saved some files and suddenly noticed that there were extra characters added.

Those types of issues were due to some mishandling of file encoding on our part, especially with PHP files. Let me explain the situation… (just a quick warning – the explanation gets a bit technical)

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