Incidents in Iceland

So I recently came back from an epic roadtrip adventure in Iceland. Instead of writing superlatives for the trip like I usually do, I painstakingly made this video using our pics and drone footage – enjoy it in 1080p!

The song choice is actually very deliberate. As we drove around the country (map here), we listened to this radio station non-stop and Can You Feel It by Icelandic artist Birgir was on the top of the charts the whole time. It got a little stuck in our heads 🙂

So what happened to the drone (a DJI Spark) after this trip? Well, in a poetic twist of fate, it flew itself out into the sunset on our last day – apparently glitched due to a nearby metal sculpture and cloudy skies. So I will not be able to use it again, but it did a great job!

Musings in Montréal

I had the pleasure of swinging by MontrĂ©al recently and a thought dawned on me: it had been quite a while since I visited a city that was truly new to me. I had gotten stuck in a routine of repeat visits to cities and countries I’ve been to before (all which I loved) – but I had forgotten what it was like to dive into a place where I had no idea what to expect and no pre-conceived notion of its history or culture.

I have to admit, the prospect of a whole new playground to explore gave me quite the rush. And not just because it was in Canada. 😉

As is tradition when I visit major destinations for the first time, I present this documentation of my exploration in superlative form. Locals may not agree and this list is definitely not comprehensive, but it is what I’ll remember from this latest trailblazing effort in MontrĂ©al, the “Paris of the North”.

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Notable quotes from The 4-Hour Workweek

People sometimes tell me that I should follow in the footsteps of author Tim Ferriss, given my penchant for travel and remote work. I have a couple of qualms with this:

  1. In my opinion, Tim Ferriss often comes off as a douche – in both speaking engagements and in writing. I’m sure he has good intentions to help people – but his delivery of advice is a mix of humblebragging (look at all this cool shit I’m doing) and light condescension of people living “normal lives” (what you can’t pull this off?). I was looking for a clip of him speaking that exemplifies this, but I think this will do:

    I know I can be pretentious at times, too – but at least I try to catch myself and would hope I never get to Tim Ferriss’ level of aggrandizement.
  2. Tim Ferriss advocates for a world where no one actively works on building or maintaining anything. He would have you create something once and passively sell it forever, thinking as little as possible about improving it or creating new products. All while outsourcing your tedious tasks to some poor folks in India.

    This bothers me mostly because I am a product manager – and no half-decent PM would release a v1 without some sort of long-term vision or roadmap for where the product should go. I am also a very hands-on PM, so the idea of letting someone else manage my inbox makes me nervous.

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