Google Geo Developer Workshop

A workshop is being held here at UC Berkeley, in the School of Information:

Google Geo Developer Workshop
Monday, Feb 9, 2009
110 South Hall, UC Berkeley

The description includes the promise of working on “sample projects such as making an interactive campus map, displaying your observational data in Earth, or planning optimal routes between your classrooms and favorite lunch stops.”

Hrm… can they actually guide people to make a CalMap clone in 3 hours?? I gotta see this.

CalMap 1.4 is here!

I am happy to announce the immediate deployment of the latest release of CalMap. The UC Berkeley mapping solution just got a lot faster, slicker, usable, and CSS-compliant.

This new version is based on the latest version of the Google Web Toolkit. In honour of their milestone 1.4 release (half a year in the making), I dub this CalMap release to be version 1.4 as well! GWT 1.4 brings us lots of performance improvements and new interface widgets which we have used to great effect. Check out the new SuggestBox (autocompletion), for example!

I invite you to play with this release, and let us know of any bugs that may have sprung up with the upgrade. An issues list is maintained at our Google Code site.

See Screenshot.

About future updates: Since GWT is now open-source and actively worked on, you might expect a new release of CalMap soon after each release of GWT. We will try to add functionality to CalMap when we have time, but the GWT release cycle is a better indicator of the frequency of CalMap updates.